A downloadable generator

A generator for "balanced" Hearthstone-minions that uses Kate Compton's Tracery language.

Written in Python 2.7  with the Tracery Python-port, this generator generates a minion name, stats, card text, card class, and minion tribe each time the code is run. The card text generation covers a large variety of effects found in Hearthstone, from various Battlecries, Deathrattles, Passive Abilities, and even Cost-Reduction effects.

I wanted to output the generated text to a file or image, but time- and difficulty-constraints prevented me from doing so. (The screenshots shown were created through http://www.hearthcards.net/ using the stats generated through my code)

An attempt was made to keep cards from being nonsensical, but since it's a random generator, that is not always the case. 

Created by Joe Crimi for ProcJam 2018 in WPI's CS525 Computational Creativity & Procedural Content Generation class.

Install instructions

Simply unzip the downloaded .zip file, open main.py in any python environment running Python 2.7, and hit run. The generated Hearthstone card will be output to the print log.


HearthstoneGenerator.zip 5 MB