A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Procedural Generation in Four Seasons is a Score Attack bullet hell inspired by the characters of the Touhou Project. Here, you fight one of four seasonally-themed bullet patterns and attempt to rack up the most points as possible before losing all of your health.


  • Arrow Keys to move
  • Z (hold) to shoot
  • X (press) to bomb (3-second bullet clear)
  • Shift (hold) to focus (slow movement and show hitbox, also reduces number of player shots.
  • Esc (press) to pause (and view score)
  • Left Mouse Button (click) to select which pattern you will play against.
  • R (press) go back to the menu

You get points for shooting at and hitting the boss during each attack. You lose points (and health!) if you get hit by a bullet (but this will also clear away other nearby bullets).

On the menu, you can move your player around the screen to select a difficulty. This ranges from the very left (Easy) to the right (Lunatic).

As of right now, only three of the four planned attacks have been implemented.

This game was created with Game Maker Studio Pro 1.4.1772 and will work on Windows and Wine 2.20 (for macOS Sierra).

Ghostly Meadow ~ "Creeping Spring" uses a rule-based procedural generation algorithm that helps the bullets shape clusters of vines and flowers across the screen.

Frost Arcanum ~ "Winter Labyrinth" uses the randomization of parameters to create complex spirals of bullets (and lasers when playing on Lunatic mode).

Living Dance ~ "Pulse of Autumn" uses an evolutionary procedural algorithm to adjust bullets to aim in a way that changes each wave's aiming behavior depending on how the player has dodged the previous waves.


Procedural_Gen_in_All_Seasons-1.6 37 MB
Procedural_Gen_in_All_Seasons.gmz (Game Maker ZIP file) 11 MB


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Not a fantastic game nor a bad one, it's average (but still good)

Now here's a summary:

I see there's only one music and the boss is a static image


The Spring pattern is the best pattern I have ever seen in bullet-hell history, it was great and I loved it!

Gonna keep it in my pc


Works on Wine 2.20 32 bit, macOS Sierra